Friday, May 15, 2009

Birdhouse Tutorial

Materials needed: -birdhouse
-patterned paper
-dry grass
-border punch
-butterfly punch
-glitter glue
-circle cutter

Step-by-step instructions:
1. Trace the shape of your birdhouse base, with a pencil, and then cut out.2.Using your circle cutter, cut out the hole for the door to the house.3. Cut out the hole for the branch.4. Adhere paper to the 4 sides of the house.5. Measure the roof and cut pieces to size.6. Adhere paper to roof.
7. Using your border punch, create a “gingerbread” trim for the roof.8. Score your trim, on the wrong side of the paper.
9. Fold along score line.
10. Adhere trim along the edges of the roof.11. Fill door with grass.

12. Punch out 3 butterflies with your Martha Stewart punch.
13. Adhere butterflies to house.
14. Add glitter glue to butterflies.And it’s done, add embellishments as desired. Have fun!

Here are our takes for this tutorial

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Princess Gizmo said...

Wow!! This is so lovely!! I love it.. But I will never able to make 1 like you did. LOL.. :D

feli said...

do try the tutorial out! :)

Candy said...

Oh, I'm sure your birdhouse will have your personality stamped all over it. Go ahead and try it out!

Candy said...

Really gorgeous takes, ladies! Each one is a work of art!!!

Nita Ang said...

The instructions are so detailed and precise, I am inspired! :D Now all I have to do is to look for a bird house.

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone, thanks for your sweet comments, you are the best.. and the Design Teams creations are gorgeous.
I cant wait to se all of your projects...
dont have a birdhouse... why not make one from cardstock?