Saturday, August 15, 2009

Altered Toilet Paper Tubes Tutorial

As scrapbookers, it’s also our responsibility to give our share in saving Mother Earth. What better way to this by recycling the packaging of our scrapbooking items or even those household items which we think have no use anymore like those toilet paper tubes. These are cardboard tubes left after the toilet paper is all consumed. You can give these toilet paper tubes a new look and transform these into something of use. If you are planning for a party (note: I picked Tea Party for this tutorial), you may try using toilet paper tubes to make some of your party favours like decor holder, invitation holder, tea bag holder, napkin holder/ring and party give‐away.

Materials / Supplies needed:

Step-by-step instructions:
There are 4 parts to this tutorial...
1. How to make a decor holder
a) Get one piece of toilet paper tube and paint one end with acrylic paint.
b) Cover the toilet paper tube with patterned paper.
c) Obtain a cardboard (may come from packaging of most scrapbooking items. Trace onto the cardboard the rounded end of the toilet paper tube then cut it.

d) Adhere patterned paper to the round cardboard from Step 1c) and attach this to one end of the toilet paper tube.
e) Embellish using trims and stickers. (You may use other embellishments of your choice.)

f) Here’s the finished product.

2. How to make an invites holder
a) Get another piece of toilet paper tube and flatten it.

b) Cover the flattened toilet paper tube with patterned paper. Punch two holes on one sides of the flattened toilet paper tube.
c) Insert the ribbon into the holes and tie.

d) Embellish with ribbons, lace or trims, alpha stickers, flowers and blings. You may now place the invitation inside.

3. How to make a tea bag holder
a) Get the third piece of toilet paper tube and cut it into half using a cutter. The first half will be used to make the teabag holder. Keep the other half as this will be use to make the napkin holder.

b) Paint one end of the toilet paper tube. Cover it with patterned paper. Then punch holes on the upper left and right sides of the covered toilet paper tubes.
c) Obtain a round cardboard as in Step 1c) and adhere it the bottom end of the toilet paper tube.

d) Obtain a strip of cardboard and adhere a piece of ribbon. This will serve as the handle of the teabag holder. To adhere the handle, use brads.
e) Embellish with flowers, bling, trims and fibers.

4. How to make a napkin holder
a) Get the other piece of the halved toilet paper tube from Step 3a).
b) Paint both ends with acrylic paint.
c) Cover it with patterned paper.
d) Embellish with flowers, bling, trims and ribbon.
e) Here’s the finished product.

5. How to make the party giveaway
a) Get the last piece of toilet paper tube. Cover it with plain paper then with the tissue wrapper. The length of the tissue wrapper should be around three inches more than that of the toilet paper tube. Lay the tissue wrapper and place the toilet paper tube at the center then start wrapping. There will be an excess of around 1 ½ inches of the tissue wrapper at each of the ends. Tie these with ribbon.
b) To enhance the look, adhere patterned paper and embellish with flowers, bling, trims, etc.

That’s all and thank you so much for viewing my first-ever tutorial. A special thanks to the ArtzdeScrap team for this opportunity. I can’t wait to see your creations. Have FUN!!!

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