Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sign' O Tutorial

Materials Needed: Old standing calender, glimmer mist, doiley lace, crackle paint, glimmer mist and embellishments of your choice

Step 1 - Tear off the pages of a desk calendar. We shall we be working our
alteration on the standing unit that is left of the calendar (as shown).


Step 2 - Cut a piece of cardstock that measures one side of the calendar and
glue it on to that side. You can choose to omit using cardstock if you


Step 3 - Spray a coat of glimmer mist onto the cardstock and let it dry. Then
paint the sides with crackle paint and then let this dry too.


Step 4 - Use a small paper doiley and place it on the cardstock surface and
spray another colour of glimmer mist (a darker colour than the base
would show better) over the doiley.


Step 5 - Spray over the sides of the doiley so that you can see the pattern of
the doiley (where the doiley acts as a mask). Repeat this same step on
different parts of the cardstock. Let this dry.


Step 6 - Use chipboard letters,
Thickers, die-cut alphas or any letters to decorate your altered sign.
Then embellish away.


Have fun with this AWESOME tutorial!

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feli said...

Cool takes on the tutorial ladies! :)

Jasmin said...

oh wow!! Love all the different creations here!! You ladies are just totally inspirational!!

Anonymous said...

I love what you ladies did with the tutorial.
They are all so different.

I cant wait to see what the rest of you create!

Candy said...

Great takes! It is so inspiring to see how creative and how unique each one's ideas are!

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Great post and its really nice to see the explanation are in proper steps that would me easy to work on it and learn more about this.

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I want to be creative like you. will try this.

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