Friday, January 15, 2010

Beverage Can Magnetic Flower Tutorial

Materials / Supplies needed:
Beverage cans
Acrylic paints ( your desired colors)
Craft knife
Variety of decorative scissors
Glue gun
Paint brushes
Patterned papers (scraps)
Cardstocks (scraps)
Embellishments ( your choice of Themes)
Magnetic sheet (4x6)

Step-by-step instructions:
1. Clean the two empty beverage cans with warm water, rinse and dry. Mark one half of the can with masking tape around the can’s circumference and cut using craft knife.

2. Measure the can’s circumference and then decide how many petals you want. Depending on the size of the beverage can’s circumference, will determine how many petals you may decide on. For instance, the can’s circumference I used was 8 inches. Therefore, I use 1” for each petal, resulting in a total of eight petals. Using scissors cut eight evenly space lines from the top edge to the bottom of the can.

3. Press the center of the can with your two fingers and carefully bend the cut petals.

4. Trim each petal with decorative scissors.

5. Paint both sides of the petals, stamen or center of the flower and the base. Allow to dry.

6. Cut and cover the base with a piece of magnetic sheet board and then, adhere using a glue gun.

7. Using your choice of themes, embellish the stamen or center of the flower and secure same with glue gun.

8. Upon completion, one can decorate the refrigerator with one or more altered beverage can magnetic flowers, use to hold notes, daily schedules, reminders of things to do or use as a gifts.

Here are our takes for this tutorial.

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TxScrapAddict said...

Love it! I used some cans to make Christmas ornaments this past year.

CHING said...

All I can think of is that DTs designs are FANTASTIC !!!

Donna E. said...

WOW!! Love your tut ching! Galing!

feli said...

thanks ladies! glad you all enjoyed the tutorial! :) and thanks to ching for the tutorial! i had fun using the beverage cans!

Nina said...

Totally cool project, Ching! Galing! =)


Chris said...

Great tutorial - try it out - it is much easier to cut the can than I thought it would be - and show us your creation.

Cynthia Lloréns said...

I just love to make this!!!
I realy enjoyed the tutorial, thanks Ching you are so nice to share with us!!!
Hugs from Brazil

CHING said...

Thank you very much for the nice comments Ladies ! Hugs !