Saturday, January 15, 2011

Gift House Tutorial & Challenge

Supplies :
Heavy weight pattern papers - a 12"x5" piece (house)
two 4"x4" pieces (roof and pot holder)
Chipboard alphas

1. Copy this house template and cut out. You can use the 0.5" label edge of the paper as the glue tab.

2. Crease along the foldlines and glue the tab to form the house.

3. Fold a 4"x4" paper in half for the roof - add some trim to the long edges if you like.

Plant Holder
1. Copy this holder template for a 2" size pot.
2. Cut the along diagonal lines inside the circle.
3. Push the diagonal tabs away to open up the circle.
4. Crease along all other foldlines to form the holder. Glue the corners to secure.
5. Insert the pot and mark the pot rim line on the tabs

6. Cut the tops of tabs off along the marked rim lines.

7. Insert into the bottom of the house and mark the space between the piers.

8. Cut out the marked space between the piers
9. Your project is complete ready to be presented as a gift!

Here are our takes on this Gift House tutorial & challenge.
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Now that you've seen all of our takes, do share with us your creative ideas on the challenge!!! You have till Monday 14th February 2011 Midnight Eastern Time.
International scrappers are most welcome to join in.

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LindaS said...

Adorable and creative houses. Love each of them.