Saturday, August 15, 2009

August 09 Inspirational Scrapper

Artz de Scrap's Chosen Inspirational Scrapper for August 09 is
Timi Mercado
I am Timi Mercado from the Philippines. I am a college teacher by profession, married to Danny for 14 years and a mom to Jigs and Dannah. I started scrapbooking in the year 2000 so that makes it nine years and still counting. I completed my first scrapbook in Feb 2000. It was not as good as my scrapbooks now, very crude shall I say but it paved the way to my journey to the world of scrapbooking! But it was only in 2003 that I discovered that there were materials really intended for this craft and only in 2006 that I began to make 12x12 LOs using all those acid-free stuff. I began creating altered items last year when I joined in one of Artz de Scrap's monthly challenges and the rest shall I say is history.
When I started scrapbooking, it was just a hobby. Now, it’s a passion and a way of life. There are many reasons why I love to CREATE: to preserve wonderful memories of myself and the persons important to me; my scrapbooks will be my legacy to the future generations of my family; it also sees me through during not so good times. Just seeing what I have accomplished in the past nine years is enough to take away the blues and all those stresses; and it is a way of expressing myself.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Ma'm Timi! (My former Professor in CropSci Lab., SeedTech. Lab. & some Farming System Lab....

Wow, congrats!

I'm excited to know about this online tutorial for making a scrapbook!

I dreamed of writing a book someday and finally I can start making it through a scrapbook!

Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea, an awesome & perfect project in life!

Again, congratulations! (My future Professor in Making a Scrapbook Lab.)...

It's me,
Angel Irvin

Anonymous said...

Wow! Congrats Ms. Timi i love your work so much, Thank you for sharing this idea.

Rachelle T.