Friday, July 31, 2009

Winner of Altered Storybook Challenge

Thank you for all your Gorgeous submissions of your takes on the Altered Storybook challenge! We hope you had fun! The Resident Designers have voted and the winner is ..................


You've won yourself a RAK sponsored by our very own RD Felicia!
Do email me your mailing address so we can send your RAK to you...=)

Thanks again for playing along with us and hope to see more precious & lovely submissions for our next Challenge!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Altered Storybook Challenge

Here are the entries we received...

Do look out for the August challenge which will be up on the 1st! :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

July 09 Inspirational Scrapper

Artz de Scrap's Chosen Inspirational Scrapper for July 09 is

Ramintessah Aihara

Hi darls! I am Ramintessah Aihara. I am so thrilled to be here and so thankful to Liza and the DTs of this blog. I am a Filipina and I am married to Yoshi. I am currently living in Japan. We don't have any kids yet so I have plenty of time for scrap booking and procrastinating.*wink* I learned scrap booking six months ago in my attempt to give a personalized gift for my husband. Since then, I am hooked. I am a very tyro scrapper and I can say that my style and designs are evolving around the different inspiration I used to get tru blog hopping and internet surfing. I love to experiment on every technique that I see on the net. Looking at my works, you will notice that most of them are vibrant and bright in nature.Yup,I love to grab a lot of orange, yellow and green from my stash. Lately, I have been playing with paint and mist to add texture on my layout. I love altering chipboard too and Diamond Glaze is my best friend at the! And should I say, my most favorite technique is hand stitching. I would really love if you could visit me at my scrapping blog
I hope my project would somehow inspire you to create something for this month. Again,thanks for looking at my work, listening at my story and for having me here this month.

Journal Tutorial

Materials/Supplies needed:

- Paper Pad- ordinary paper pad will do; they have gridlines for easy writing
- Some scrap papers- Stash you have been hoarding
- O-Wire- mine is 3/4 inch in size
- Bind-It-All - If you don’t have it, you can sew your pages or use some bind rings
- Elastic band - this is for the closure
- Sturdy cardstock or cardboard

Step-by-step instructions:
1) Gather your materials. I intend to make this a simpler journalling notebook so my pages comprise most of paper pad. I get some leftover papers and try to arrange them in between the paper pad. By the sizes of your scrap papers, decide the size of the pages of your notebook. Mine is 5x7 inches.

2) Cut your pages into desired size. I recommend using random/smaller pieces of your scrap to add texture on your pages.

3) Decide on how to arrange your pages. I decided to use my BIA to punch holes through the pages.

4) Bind your pages together. If you want your notebook to look more random, add some pieces from your leftover stash. Here are some ideas on what you can add;
a. Small cards - journalling cards, speech bubbles and the likes
b. Random bits - like alphabet flash cards or playing cards
c. ATCs
d. Envelopes
e. Tags
f. Transparencies/Overlays

5) Once you’ve decided on the arrangement of your pages, bind your pages together. For this, I use a 3/4 inch Zutter O-wire.
6) Embellish your cover and pages.
Some tips on how to embellish your notebook:
a. If you want to journal with it, add some white pages or maybe some quotes. You may want to use embellishments that are not so bulky.
b. Grab those smaller pieces from your scraps and accent each of your pages.
c. Use some old rub-ons to jazz up your pages
d. Decorate cover by painting or masking
e. Use some vintage items you have. In one of my notebooks done in the past, I used an old page of dictionary, cut the reflection word definition and add it to my front page
f. Be creative, use something you find unique. I used a hemp twine to add interest on my notebook
g. Small flowers and buttons are always fabulous.
h. Use some brads
i. Stamp your pages

7) Here’s a way of making a closure for the journal. Punch holes on the back cover. Decide how you want to position your eyelets. These holes are used to hold your elastic band in place. I punched it in the center, just by eye balling it. If you can see I punched three holes. I made a mistake. lol! So be careful and think first.
8) After punching the holes, insert the band and the eyelet. Ensure that before you set the eyelet, the band will be locked and set with the eyelet. Do check the length of your band, ensure it’s not too tight as you don't want it to distort your journal. Give enough allowance as your journal might become bulky in future.

9) After setting the eyelets and band, check if it is firmly attached and try to close the notebook with the band. For a cleaner look, cut a piece of card stock or pattern paper to hide the eyelet and the ends of the band. This will also help to keep the band firmly stay in place.

And here’s the finished product!!

Here are our takes for this tutorial

Do share your take with us, email us at

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Alter a Storybook

Are you ready for
Artz de Scrap's July Challenge?
Challenge: To alter a storybook
Colour Theme: Greens and Blues
We can't wait to see your takes on this challenge!

Do link your submissions (on your blog) in the comments section
and email us a copy to for a chance to win
a wonderful RAK from our sponsor.

Here are our DT's takes for this Challenge!
Designer Cabbie's Altered Plastic Storybook into a colourful book with embellies!

Designer Felicia's Altered Storybook to house a mini album!!

Designer's Candy Altered Storybook into a bag with a handle and a latch which can be displayed or used to carry a hankie!

Designer's Catherine Altered Storybook by adding a bookmark and altering the covers to look more fairytale-like!

Designer's Emily's Altered Storybook with her own written Goldilocks and 3 bears story featuring her daughter!

Designer's Kim's Altered Storybook into a little love story about her family!

Now that you've seen all of our takes, do share with us your creative ideas!!!

You have till Thurs
day 30th July 2009 Midnight Eastern Time.
International scrappers are most welcome to join in.

A Sneak Peek of our next tutorial!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Welcoming our Newly Appointed DTs

We received some AMAZING submissions for our DT call recently. All the scrappers who applied are so talented and their works were all so Gorgeous that we had a hard time narrowing down the list!

It is with great pleasure that we welcome the following Newly Appointed Artz de Scrap's DT for July - December 09!


Kim Faucher
(Click on the individual names to get to know our DTs better!)

Thank you so much to everyone that applied!
We hope to see each and every one of you here for the next contest!
Do look out for the next challenge which will be up tmr!=)


Our Founder cum Resident Designer, Liza Yet will not be continuing with Artz de Scrap. With her current commitments, she has decided to leave the team.
Here's wishing Liza all the best in her endeavours!
We wish to thank her for starting this awesome blog and all her contributions to Artz de Scrap. We will definitely miss her!
Here's what Liza would like to say...
Dear Artz de Scrap's members, it is with great sadness that I have to inform you that I am leaving Artz de Scrap. It is due to personal reasons.
When I started Artz de Scrap, I only had 1 goal in mind and that was to encourage and prove to everyone that altering is fun and simple. Anyone can do it if they try, I am glad to see that the number of scrappers attempting it has greatly increased and there is an avenue for them to learn through the tutorials held here and a chance to win a prize for their marvelous attempts.
I am forever grateful to Felicia, Cabbie, the rest of the talented DTs for their tremendous unwavering support for Artz de Scrap and to the wonderful supporters of Artz de Scrap for your generous support and participation.
Lastly, I am happy to annouce that I will be leaving Artz de Scrap in Felicia's good hands. I hope you will continue to support and have fun with Artz de Scrap and its wonderfully talented team members!
- Liza Yet

Come meet our new DT

I am a mom and a Montessori teacher. Making different objects of art is a passion. I create because I like to challenge myself, just to see if I can really do what I can think of. I think, growing up without a Barbie doll helped me make my own dolls.

1. You're stuck at a crop and you have only 5 items, what do you absolutely have to have?
I must have a photo, adhesives (liquid glue), scissors, ruler, and ribbon.

2. Where do you get most of your "scrapbook"inspiration?
I find inspiration in the most mundane places, often while walking in the mall or while admiring nature. I find myself saying, "This would look great in a LO or a project!"

3. What is your life mantra or favorite quote?
I can do that better. I am challenged to disprove others when they say it can't be done. I like to find solutions that are unique.

4. What do you like the most about your own scrapbooking style?
My style is very vintage, often showing in the choice of colors I use and am most comfortable with. Often, my style tends to be romantic as well, using vintage lace. Lately, I like using stamps and exploring the many ways I can use stamped images and stamp inks.

5. If you had to give one tip to a beginning scrapbooker, what would it be?
Create for you, not for anyone else. This means you should find the style you're most comfortable with and stay with it. One shouldn't change to suit someone else.