Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Altered Clock Tutorial


Items Needed

1. A wall clock (any size)
2. Adhesives
3. Scissors
4. Craft knife
5. Piercer
6. Cutting Mat
7. Screw driver
8. Patterned paper
9. Flower cutouts
10. Rub Ons
11. Number stickers
12. Other embellishment

Step 1

Unscrew the casing of the clock and gently pull out the second, minute and hour hands in the clock.

Step 2

Carefully peel out the background sheet in the clock and trace the circle size onto the pattern paper.
Cut out the circle

Step 3

Align the two papers carefully and on a cutting mat, pierce holes on the numbers to mark where each number should be on the new background paper.
Trace also the hole in the middle of the paper and cut out.
It should look like so:


Step 4

Embellish and place numbers on the marked places on the new background. Making sure the middle hole is not covered.
Please make sure also that the embellishments are not layered too thick that it would hamper the movement of the clock hands.

Step 5


Place the finished background paper on to the clock base and carefully reassemble the hands and screw in the cover.
Now you have a beautifully made altered clock to hang on the wall.
And here are out takes on this tutorial:

We would love to see your take on this tutorial.
Do share it with us, email us at artzdescrap@yahoo.com.sg

Happy Altering!!!


cabbie lopez said...

wow feli love the 2tone numbers in your clock! liza, very very cute elements there!

thanks yatie for the wonderful tutorial!

Liza said...

Yupz I love your takes Cabbie and Felicia! Truly Gorgeous!! Thanks Yatie for the wonderful tutorial!!

feli said...

lovely takes on the altered clock, cabbie and liza!
love the textures on your clock cabbie!
the colours on your clock is so sweet liza! :)

Yatie said...

Thanks, ladies. i had a fun time altering the clock. You guys did a beautiful job!!! Can't wait to see what others would come up with..

Jasmin said...

Fabulous altered tutorial! I wish I have the time to do everything that's featured here and everywhere!!
Keep those altered inspirations coming!!

I'm loving it!!