Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February 2011 Inspirational Scrapper

Artz de Scrap's Chosen Inspirational Scrapper for February 2011 is our very own designer

Felicia Ow

I'm a designer from Singapore who loves playing with all sorts of materials I see and find! I do architecture full-time and teach at PaperMarket (LSS) part-time on weekends. My inspiration comes from everywhere: from buildings, fashion, materials, etc. Basically anything with colour, form and texture can be an inspiration to me!
I love to inspire and be inspired. Hope you'll enjoy the tutorial i'll be sharing today and check out my blog for more of my works. http://filiksia.blogspot.com/

Handmade Album Tutorial & Challenge

Tools and Supplies :
Corrugated Cardboards - 4 nos. of 6"x6"
Cardstocks - 3 nos. of 6"x10", 3 nos. of 6"x8"
Misting Stencils
Patterned Papers
Other Embellishments: Flowers, Ribbons, Tapes, Blings
Bind-It-All Zutter Machine
Binder Ring

1) Mist and ink one side of the 4 corrugated cardboards. Let the colours mix by misting with water.

2) Once dry, use a misting stencil to create a pattern on the corrugated cardboard.

3) Adhere PP to the other side of the corrugated board.

4) Use the misting template and mist the pattern over the PP.

Do the same for the other 3 pages.

5) Bind the pages together using the Zutter tool.
6) 6"x10" - Create a border of 1" at the top and the 2 sides. Score 0.5" on the 2 sides of the cardstock. Fold the border into half.

6"x8" - Create a border of 1.5" at the top and the 2 sides. Score 0.5" on the 2 sides of the cardstock. Fold the border into half.
a) Adhere the 2 cardstocks together only at the 0.5" on the 2 sides of the cardstock. The 6"x8" should be in front of the 6"x10" cardstock.

7) Adhere the border cardstocks to the album pages as shown in the photo below.

8) The base of the album is now completed! Go ahead and embellish the pages.

Here are our takes on the tutorial...

Cabbie's Handmade Album!

(To be updated shortly)

Felicia's Handmade Album!

Vicki's Handmade Album!

Now that you've seen all of our takes, do share with us your creative ideas on the challenge!!! You have till Monday 14th March 2011 Midnight Eastern Time.

International scrappers are most welcome to join in.