Monday, November 26, 2007

Get to Know Us

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Hello! I am Liza Yet from Singapore and am a full time working mom to my 3 Year old. I have been scrappin for 3 over years now and am absolutely glad that I picked up this hobby as I have met a lot of wonderful scrappers! I started altering not long ago and am absolutely loving it! I hope that we will all be able to learn, share and create together at Artz de Scrap!

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Hei! I'm Wati from Singapore. A full time working mom, trying to find every single available time to scrap. Mu muse, is my son Adam who is 20 months old. Started scrappin last year and idea of altering came a few months later. From that moment onwards, there is no turning back! Trying to find inspiration to alter every single thing that I see. Hoping that with Artz de Scrap, we can see more alter projects from more talented scrappers. The idea is endless!


~Sasha Farina~ said...

Congrats Girls!!! I wish you all the best!! *hugs* and Love ya!

ms mumbles said...


power to you two..whoohooo!!!

Wati Basri said...

thanks babes!!! *hugz*

Liza said...

Thank you Babes!! :)

Anonymous said...

interesting !
looking forward to the challenges :D


Donna Espiritu said...

congrats liza and wati!!!!
this will be a rockin' site!
can't wait to see your creations, i got lots of items to be altered in a big PLASTIC bag hahaha
i hope u could me girls! :)

Magpie said...

Good luck with your new challenge blog! I can't wait to come back and see the challenges--and the results from everyone!

JazzScraps said...

Woohoo!! Congrats babes!! I can just see the many promising adventures that you two have in store here!!


Deanne said...

looks great, i'll certainly be back on the 1st for a peek x
good luck girlies x

Jenn said...

congrats to liza and wati! Wooohoo