Monday, June 1, 2009

Calling for Designers

First of all, we would like to thank Candy, Bree and Raechelle for being a part of Artz de Scrap and inspiring us all with their works! =)
We are looking for talented Scrappers to be part of our inspirational group for a period of 6 months starting July 09 to December 09.

You will be receiving the following

- Recognition and Exposure

- A RAK as a token of appreciation from Artz de Scrap

- Discounts at Artz de Scrap's associates's esteemed online stores.

In turn, you are required to

- Submit all your monthly submissions due on time and submit all the mid-month tutorials.

- Host 1 tutorial in a pre-determined month within your term.

- You will also have to post all sneaks and your takes on the challenges on your respective blogs and to promote Artz de Scrap.

If so, THIS is what you need to do:
Just email us with the subject "Artz de Scrap DT Call", your best three samples of your altered work (No LOs), your name, your address and your blog URL to by the 22nd of June 09.
**Note: These 3 altered works submitted MUST not be from any of Artz's previous challenges!**
In addition, do try out the June Altered Envelope Challenge and submit it with your DT call submission.

The 3-4 chosen designers will be contacted BY June 25th and will be revealed on the blog on July 1st 2009!!!


Christine said...

I'm so excited about your challenges. I came here looking to see what the DT call was. I'm sure I don't qualify now because I've only done a couple of altered projects but am excited to see your tutorials and challenges. Your definately going on my blog roll.


suzARTe said...

I will definitely give this one a go. Your website is fantastic with such amazing work and inspiratiration, it would be wonderful to be part of your design team.

suzARTe said...

I have tried to email my DT submission to the email address provided a few times and its not going through. I am wondering if there is another way I can submit my application. Thought it had gone through yesterday but it came back as an unsuccessful email.:(

feli said...

thanks christine and susan!

Susan, i got your entry. Don't worry.. :)

suzARTe said...

excellent, thanks for letting me know that you got my sub :)

Anonymous said...

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