Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jan 09 Inspirational Scrapper

Artz de Scrap's Chosen Inspirational Scrapper for January 09 is


Hello all! Jasmin here from Brunei! But scrapping friends usually call me Jazz. Firstly, my big big thanks to Artz de Scrap for inviting me to be January's featured Inspirational Scrapper. It truly is an honour for me to be featured in such a great inspirational challenge blog such as Artz.

I am a full time working mom to 4 kids - 3 princesses and 1 prince who naturally are my main subjects in my scrapbook layouts. With 3 girls, creating with reds & pinks work best for me.

I have been scrapping since 2005 when I was first introduced to scrapbooking by my cousin during the time when I could only get my scrapbook supplies online. I don't alter items as much as I scrap, so when I was asked to be featured in Artz, it had me racking my brains on what I should feature. But nevertheless, it provided me the challenge to think of what I can share with you all.

As we greet the New Year, nevertheless we are ready to throw away our older calendars. This provided the ideal alterations to be featured in Artz where I've made use of a 2008 desk calendar.

Here's hoping you get inspired and it would be absolutely wonderful to see what you all come up with.

Once again, thank you to the Artz de Scrap crew for having me!


Anonymous said...

Welcome Jazz.

Jasmin said...

Thank you Bree!! Your creations are absolutely gorgeous!! I love them!!

Candy said...

Congratulations, Jasmin! Your work is really inspiring! Who would have thought of using old standing calendars for signs?! Really great project!!!